Frontend Developer



Here is a little background:

My name is Weng Haishi (Sam). Web and blockchain is my passion. I love exploring and learning new technologies. In my free time, I enjoy weightlifting.


Programming languages

Libaries, frameworks & tools



A platform for learning javascript. Consists of leetcode questions, flashcards and lessons. Utilized Javascript NextJs and MongoDB.

Trello Chatgpt Clone

A Trello clone with drag and drop features as well as OpenAi API integration. Utilized Typescript Nextjs and appwrite.


Job tracking App

Job tracker App with search, filter and chart features. Built with ReactJs, NodeJs, ExpressJs and MongoDB. Allows creation of users and jobs.

Expense tracker

An expense tracker app that allows users to add their daily expenses. Has analytics, chart and filter features. Built with the ReactJS library and vanilla CSS.


Catch NFT app

Pokemon GO! But with NFTs. Allows users to capture Geo-tagged NFTs. Built in Ruby on Rails, bootstrap & PostgreSQL. Best accessed via mobile.

AirBnb Clone

An AirBnb clone using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and TailwindCSS. Allows user sign ups and renders their respective listings and bookings. Deployed on Heroku.